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Born in Mexico City on the 20th of June of 1988. She initiates to develop her innate talent at a very young age, training various types of technical, urban and folklore dancing. At the age of 15, inspired by her dance mentor, Jorge Zamudio, she discovers her true vocation and decides to follow her artistic calling  as a dancer and stage performer.

Her professional journey begins dancing Jazz and Hip-Hop. But finds Salsa as the scene that prompted her international career. In 2006 Natalia Lopez joins the first generation, of what will become, one of the most recognized Salsa Companies in Mexico “ALMA LATINA” directed by Gaby Equiz.

In 2009 Natalia wins 1st place as Best Female Solo Dancer at the National Championship in MEXICO

and just before her 21 st birthday, she receives the invitation, that changes her life; to work in Milan with the Italian choreographer and dancer Marco Ferrigno. United by fate, they created right away, an explosive couple; Young, elegant, energized and executing a never seen fusion between salsa and modern dance. They travelled the world together for 5 years and conquer, with their dance company ANSIMA PRODUCTION BALLET, the most recognized Latin Festival’s Stages in the world.


Since then, Natalia Lopez is known worldwide and has become one of the most recognized female salsa Artists in Switzerland. Acclaimed choreographer, dancer, and coach. She has collaborated with Focus Dance Crew for the Swiss SRF TV competition show, “Die grössten Schweizer Talente” and “Darf ich bitten”. Working consecutive years for “Tour the Suisse”. And very recently she was hired to perform in the most famous TV SHOW in Switzerland, "Benissimo"  for their 2022 anniversary re-make.

Today her path and formation remains always active, after finishing in 2016 her 3-year education Diploma (HF Bühnentanz, Zurich). She has continued her training with renkowned choreographers such as Adam Parson, Dana Foglia, Yanis Marshall etc.  At the same time, auditioning to grow into new career opportunities, like becoming a member of the dance ensemble inside Kurt Weill’s American Opera “Street Scene” in Cologne, Germany and Montecarlo, Monaco. She keeps exploring her multiple talents, in acting & singing. Additionally,  since January 2022 she has become a business entrepeneur, by opening her own new dance studio in Baden, Switzerland "Area4 Dance Center".

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Area4 Dance Center

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5400 Baden


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